Investors in Portugal consult Kleya to provide assistance in the following areas:

Real Estate

Our ultimate goal is to ensure a good return on your investment.

Business Set-Up

Kleya focuses on your value drivers and deals with paperwork and legalities.

Service Management

We manage the suppliers who are key to your investment in Portugal.


Kleya was initially established as advisors to foreign visitors wishing to relocate to Portugal. The knowledge gained in the relocation process allowed us to build a strong awareness of the needs, behaviour and profile of people who look for property in Portugal, it also allowed us to develop a real estate database. The logical next step for Kleya was to offer the advantage of their expertise to foreign investors looking for real estate development in, both in residential and tourism areas.

We forge partnerships with our clients from the outset, to better understand their needs and help them to make a return on investment.

Property Sourcing

Kleya understands a client’s business model and provides solutions to make development feasible.

Strategic Thinking

Kleya develops a business strategy from scratch to align with market needs. To achieve this we put together a team of experts, from architects to marketers, who define the key factors to deliver a credible real estate project.

Marketing to Consumer

We offer a Marketing and Communication plan targeted to the market. With our subsidiary company ‘Kleya Branding Studio’ we are able to develop your project, from branding, marketing & communication to launch.

To learn more about how Kleya can support you with investment opportunities, just contact us at [email protected] or call us directly on +351 211 214 983


When you start a new venture overseas, there can be many hurdles to overcome; lack of information which can be critical to properly assess benefits and risks, logistics and bureaucratic challenges, and sometimes, the physical impossibility of being in close proximity to where it’s happening.

Using Kleya’s business services as a mediator allows you to focus on those parts of your business which are the real value drivers while we take care of the details. The finer details which may not seem to add value to your investment may have a significant impact on the return. Talk to Kleya to ensure that we understand your value drivers, then leave it to us to pave the way for a good return. Count on Kleya and our trusted partners, to provide a dedicated service to set up your business, and see it succeed.

Research & Advice

We gather the data you need to assess your business opportunity; we help to identify the benefits and risks for consideration before making a commitment.

Project Management

Whether your business is large or small, there are many components which need considering, more so when investing in a foreign country. Kleya will manage all of the details freeing up your time to focus on the real value drivers.

To learn more about how Kleya can support you in setting up your business in Portugal,
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When you set up in Portugal you will need to source a variety of suppliers for your business. Finding them on line is always a possibility but as a foreigner you may be overcharged and there may be language or cultural difficulties. With Kleya at your side you have the benefit of native speakers, qualified to source and manage the service providers important to your investment.

Kleya, help to manage the supplier relationship acting as a conduit and consolidator for your business requirements.


We source the best suppliers to meet your business requirements. Using a proven framework, we work on your behalf to negotiate and close contracts to move your business forward.

Service levels

Working in partnership, we bring you our knowledge and define the level of service required for your business. Kleya can also partner with your key suppliers to implement and deliver according to the service levels chosen.

Supplier Management

Kleya puts in place a set of key indicators to manage the performance of your suppliers and guarantee that your business requests are handled professionally. Careful monitoring ensures you get the right information at the right time whatever the size of your project or company.

To learn more about how Kleya can support you finding the exact services with the skills that you require,
just contact us at [email protected] or call us directly on +351 211 214 983